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kyanoswolf: (books, training)

The Cluttered Desk Drawer

kyanoswolf's journal

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Created on 2016-11-16 20:47:34 (#2561814), last updated 2017-04-19 (21 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:Adams, Tennessee, United States of America
Website:Dreams and Words
[[[[Warning: This journal is rated for adult content. If you are underage (18 in the US, your jurisdiction may vary) or offended by such content, go away, PLEASE, DO NOT READ OR FRIEND MY JOURNAL. I must insist no underage LJers view my journal.]]]]

I haven't abandoned my journal, but real life takes up 99% of my time now.

Friending Policy

You don't have to ask my permission to friend me. I may not friend you back, however. I am especially leery of empty journals. My journal isn't friends locked at this time. I only lock the occasional post concerning my RL work or personal message to a particular person. This policy is subject to change if the situation warrants.

What you are getting yourself into

I'm an avid reader. I'll read almost anything.

I write some, though not much lately. My stuff's mostly slash fanfiction, formerly in The Sentinel fandom, now in Smallville. (I occasionally crossover Smallville with the Justice League: The Animated Series when I'm writing future scenarios. As I'm over 50, I remember the Silver Age of Comics and will use some of that history, too.) I've dabbled in SG-1 and SGA.

I'm also a vehement Democrat with severe misgivings with the former administration. So glad to see the back of those guys it's not funny. I'm not shy about posting my political views when I have something to say. I'm looking forward to the possibilities with our new president.

I think the producers and writers of Smallville are idiots, but I love the show anyway. The worse the show is the better for the fanfic.

Fanfic Disclaimer: All Smallville characters are the property of DC Comics, Warner Brothers, and their respective creators. I make no claim on the characters, the premise of Smallville or the DC Universe. The only things I claim credit for are the original story ideas which are derivative works based on these characters, the TV Show, Smallville, and many DC comics since 1938.

Likewise any characters belonging to other TV shows, movies, books or other print media. I have only borrowed them for a derivative, not for profit, entertainment-only exercise.

None of the fiction posted in this journal has been done for profit. It has been done for my enjoyment and the possible enjoyment of those who read my journal or the website where I archive my finished work. I don't normally archive my fanfic anywhere other than my website, though some of my earlier work in "The Sentinel" fandom can be found on the 852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive. Unless permission is granted through participation in a challenge, ficathon or other collaborative exercise, my work is not to be archived on any site.

Art Resources:

While I utilize many of my own screen captures for such shows as "The Batman,""Krypto." and "Justice League" art, I am massively indebted to oxoniensis for all Smallville, Supernatural, and Stargate screencaps which I use in icons and manips. "The Sentinel" screencaps were found at Starfox's Mansion.

I also randomly cap the occasional movie, TV show or commercial for a specific image using WinTV software.

I also Google the internet for images. I try very hard to avoid using personal photographs. I look for photos that are freely available through promotional sources.

I have used scans of Stampin' Up's 2004 catalog.

I use Macromedia Fireworks CS3 making most of my icons and photo manipulation. I am still learning Photoshop CS3.

Art Policy

I create screen captures of Justice League, The Batman, and other shows that interest me for the purpose of making icon bases. My screen captures are not art manipulation quality in most cases so I don't post the caps. They are usually good enough for icon bases. I will often post bases for an episode that I am willing to share. I don't require credit for icon bases because they are only screen captures and all I do is crop and resize. I do ask that you do not hotlink to my bases. Please copy them to your own PC, edit them and enjoy.

However, if I post shareable icons that I've added text or other details to, please have the courtesy to credit me if you GIP them or if someone asks where you got them.

Other Art

Unless a piece is marked shareable, it belongs to me, please do not repost it elsewhere.

I have in the past posted birthday art for my flist. That finished piece of art may be used by the birthday girl or boy if they want it.

I'm not an expert at maniping, by any means, I do enjoy the process and want to continue learning to do more.

In real life

I'm over 50. As Kathy Bates said in Fried Green Tomatoes , "I'm older and I have more insurance."

I work and play with computers and have been doing so since before the PC was invented. I have co-workers who weren't born when I took my first computer course.

I enjoy doing research on-line for my writing to the point that it often gets in the way of the writing. I can be obsessive. I HATE reality television. The closest thing to reality television that I'll watch is the Food Network.

I like to cook, but I don't do heavy housework unless I can't get through the apartment. Even then, I tend to just clear a path.

I despise the telephone except for important stuff (like those marathon service calls at work). I guess I'm not the chatty type. I have a cell phone for emergencies. I do not use instant messaging unless it's a last resort for resolving an issue. I don't text message. I like email. It allows me to compose my responses and not blurt out the first stupid thing that comes to mind.

Dislikes:11:almiles, homophobia, lana lang, media hype, noisy upstairs neighbors, pollsters, reality tv, shoes, telemarketers, telephones, w
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